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Complete Piano Service

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Vintage Pianos for Sale

When it comes to piano buying, there seems to be two pervasive schools
of thought.

     1)  "The newer the better"
     2)  "They don't build them like they used to"

The first mind set has its roots planted in the auto industry. Since their
invention a 100 years ago, technology has improved upon the "horseless
carriage" making them more stylish, reliable, and safer than the year
before. Consequently, used cars have no resale value by the time they're
ten years old.

Pianos have a couple hundred more years of history. The mechanism of
converting motion into music hasn't been improved upon since before the
automobile was invented. Over the last fifty years the only innovation
for piano design has been how to make them cheaper. Spruce soundboards
are now made of plywood, hardwood has been replaced with fiber board,
and plastic components are finding their way into the actions.

Pianos made from quality materials age like a fine wine. Since I am more of
a craftsman than salesman, I invest in quality vintage instruments, make
the necessary repairs, and let the pianos sell themselves

(Hains Upright Player Piano)

Steinway piano picture

(Steinway & Sons model "O")

Pianos for Sale

1) Samic Baby Grand

2). . .

3). . .

4). . .

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