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Samick Baby Grand

The Samick corporation is the oldest musical instrument factory
in South Korea. It was founded in 1958 and has emerged as one of
the largest piano manufacturer in the world, producing more than
20,000 per year. Piano brand names include: Baldwin, Seiler, Knabe
Wurlitzer, Pramberger, Kohler & Campbell and its namesake Samick.

As a sidebar, Samick also manufactures over a million guitars a
year, of which Gibson is the most famous.

For those that crave a grand piano but are tight on space, this model
is just for you. The SG150C is one of the smallest grands currently
in production. It's 4' 11" in length and was seldom played as evi-
denced in the photographs. It also comes with a height adjustable
artist bench which is important for maintaining proper posture.
(Not to mention the added comfort of having an upholstered seat)

Asking $4,200.

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Samick Grand Front View
Frontal Image
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Samick Grand Frontal View
Frontal Image
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Samick Grand Tuning Pins
Tuning Pins
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Samick Grand Artist Bench
Artist Bench
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Samick Grand Artist Bench Compartment
Artist Bench Compartment
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Samick Grand Rear View
Rear View
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Samick grand model number
Model Number
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Samick Grand Serial Number
Serial Number

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