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Heinrich Steinweg is commonly regarded as the founder of Steinway and Sons in New York in 1853. Lesser known was the factory founded by his son, Theodore, in Hamburg, Germany in 1880. Though the two factories collaborated, they were independently owned and managed, resulting in different models and variances of Steinways.

A few imports did manage to make it here, mainly from military personnel who received free shipping after serving in Germany.




1946 Steinway & Sons model 40" console
S/N 317777

Built in Hamburg, Germany

Refinished ebony case and polished brass

New "Flat-Whipped" strings and tuning pins

New damper felts, bridle straps, and keytops

Hammers filed, action regulated

Free ground floor delivery to Kansas City Metropolitan area





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asking $5000





Servicing the Kansas City, Gladstone, Overland Park
metropolitan area
moving  tuning  repairing  rebuilding  concert rentals

Jones Piano House

5742 N. Lenox Ave 
          Kansas City,  MO  64151


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