Mason & Hamlin


The factory was founded in Boston in 1854 by Henry Mason and Emmons Hamlin.
During the "Golden Age of Pianos" (1900 - 1929), Mason & Hamlin had climbed
to the top of the heap, winning accolades from some of the most famous inter-
national music super stars of the day. Among these were Maurice Ravel, Anna Case,
Yehudi Menuhin, and Harold Bauer, who wrote "Mason and Hamlin pianos represent
the most perfect example of the piano makers' art."

Over the years, the owners, factory location, and quality standards have changed,
diminishing the brand, but the Boston-built models of the "Golden Age" are
still considered a coveted prize and enjoy a cult following.



1916 Mason & Hamlin  model "A" 5-8
 S/N 25367

Genuine Boston-built - NOT Rochester NY,
NOT China

Mahogany case with no gouges, chips or cracks.

Restrung with new pinblock in 1982 by
George Knaus, Jr.

Hammers are original but there is still plenty
of meat left on the bone.

Case and brass hardware cleaned and polished, hammers filed, action regulated, "Implex" keytops (not ivory).

The finish is checked (alligatored).



MasonHamlin1_Resize4.jpg MasonHamlin2_Resize4.jpg
MasonHamlin3_Resize4.jpg MasonHamlin4_Resize4.jpg
MasonHamlin5_Resize4.jpg MasonHamlin6_Resize4.jpg




If the case was refinished, the patina on the 90-year old
mahogany veneer, trimmed with polished brass, would be
spectacular. Contact us for a quote on this additional enhancement.







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