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    A common theme for "Call for Action" news stories is a contractor
                                  takes the money but falls short from finishing the job. One explanation
                                  that doesn’t receive much air time is that the job was overwhelming.


Not surprisingly, piano repair falls into this category. Rarely does it go according to plan. Even after revamping,
the plan has to revamped again. Even a small project can be bigger than it looks and tenacity is often a prerequisite
for completion. In the end, gratification derived from completion becomes a bigger pay-off than the pay check.



Yes, the completion of a project is rewarding, in
addition, treating it as a game rather than a job
is fun. The methodology of taking a challenge from
concept, to design, to skill development, to assembly
is like solving a puzzle whose ramifications aid in
the solution of another puzzle. The more varied the
challenges, the broader the base for resolution becomes. Eventually, instead of looking at a daunting and over-
whelming task, a compilation of “Bite Sized” puzzles
comes into view, each one having a manageable solution.

MoveTruck1.jpg MoveTruck2.jpg MoveTruck3.jpg MoveTruck4.jpg MoveTruck5.jpg


zTrike8.jpg zTrike1.jpg zTrike2.jpg zTrike3.jpg
zTrike4.jpg zTrike5.jpg zTrike6.jpg zTrike7.jpg


zexc1Resized.jpg zexc2Resized.jpg zexc3Resized.jpg zexc4resized.jpg



Not all projects  pertain directly
to pianos, but piano service has benefited from the learning experience. A case in
point was the building of this website.
Hypertext Markup Language and Cascading
Style Sheets have nothing to do with
piano repair, but mastering the languages
(Along with Java Script and graphic design)
are essential for presenting  piano services
to an ever increasing cyber community.

Hopefully you found this site more infor-
mative than the yellow pages
about the
services we provide and the confidence
to do business. Looking forward
to hearing
from you.

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