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  When an object vibrates, it creates rapid variances in barometric pressure which we perceive as sound. A vibrating string displaces very little air (about .25 cu. in.). However, when that string is attached to an 1800 sq. in. board, the amount of air displaced goes up to 115 cu. in..That produces an amplification of 45,000%. Is it any wonder why it is called a soundboard?

Contrary to what the name implies, it is not one board, but several planked together, much like a hardwood floor. When a soundboard cracks, the most effective repair involves cutting out the crack and planking in a fresh piece of spruce.



  1. Soundboard Cracks 1&2
  2. Soundboard Crack 3
  3. Proof that Glue Joint is Stronger
       than Wood
  4. Routing Crack (1)
  5. Routing Crack (2)
  6. Cutting Shim
  7. Gluing Shim #1
  8. Support Underside with Wedges
       and Pylons
  9. Chisel Off Excess
  10. Finished Shim
  11. Gluing Shim #2
  12. Gluing Shim #3
  13. Cracks Repaired
  14. Scraping Bridge
  15. Scraping Soundboard
  16. Sanding Soundboard
  17. Sanding with Finer Grit
  18. Hand Sanding with Still Finer Grit
  19. Spraying Sealer
  20. Toning Shims to Blend with Soundboard
  21. Sealing Shim Stain
  22. Applying the Finish Coat
  23. Plate Installed / Ready for Stringing



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