Pet Damage


"Kitten on the Keys"

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If ever Bob Barker needed a compelling argument for neutering a pet, this would be it. What started out as a brand new $15,000 grand piano was reduced to a stink heap within a couple of years. I can understand the first time; "I had no idea cats would do that!" The second time; "Silly me, I forgot to close the lid!" But when the score card approaches thirty or forty, you got to question the customer's sanity. The only thing crazier would be a piano technician agreeing to repair it.... Wait a minute! ???

This photo essay emphasizes the damage pets can inflict rather than the repair. The fix wasn't pretty, unless you count less stench as a triumph.

I have no doubt, after its delivered, it will be back to business as usual for her and her cats. Except next time, it will be another piano tuner's exercise in futility.



  1. Cat sprayed soundboard
  2. Sprayed tuning pins
  3. Corroded bass strings
  4. Drain for litterbox
       aka Piano Trapwork
  5. Corroded capstans
  6. Rotten Lifter felt
  7. Soaked damper lifter
  8. Soaked piano keys
  9. Scraping felt
  10. Cleaned soundingboard
       (sort of)
1_Litterbox.jpg 2_Litterbox.jpg 3_Litterbox.jpg 4_Litterbox_tm.jpg 5_Litterbox.jpg
6_Litterbox.jpg 7_Litterbox.jpg 8_Litterbox.jpg 9_Litterbox.jpg 10_Litterbox.jpg

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