Kranich and Bach
Upright Grand



Rebuilding an upright
is not economically practical, but is does restore a connection to the past.





The upright grand earned its name sake from the fact that its string scale is similar to a mid-size grand piano. Hence, the owner could enjoy the full tone of a grand while only sacrificing a quarter of the floor space.

The typical full-sized upright is over a hundred years old. Anyone who has moved (or tried to move) an upright grand, knows they were built to last, but, unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. The good news is that it can be restored and perform as it did when it was new. The bad news is that the cost of rebuilding will vastly exceed the market value of the
instrument. However to some, an upright might be a family heirloom, and keeping it in the family for another couple of generations is preferred over the purchase of a new one.




  1. Cabinet Opened
  2. Cracked Soundboard
  3. Making String Pattern
  4. Repaired Soundboard
  5. Stringing
  6. Chipping and Pitch Raising
  7. Repairing Bottom Board
  8. Removing Keys from Abstracts
  9. Removing Abstracts
  10. Dismantling Action
  11. Boring New Hammers
  12. Installing New Hammers (1)
  13. Installing New Hammers (2)
  14. Rebuilding Whippens (1)
  15. Rebuilding Whippens (2)
  16. Rebuilding Whippens (3)
  17. Repinning Saddle flanges (1)
  18. Repinning Saddle flanges (2)



                                            Buttons - Left to Right
                                                      Pause / Play
                                                      Slide Back
                                                   Slide Forward


19. Replacing jack Springs

20. Replacing Hammer Springs

21. Assembling Action Components

22. Adjusting Damper Levers

23. Installing Damper Felt

24. Installing Saddle Flanges

25. Installing Abstracts

26. Completed Action

27. Install Keybed and Felt 

28. Cutting Abstract Felt

29. Key Rebushing

30. Leveling Keys

31. Regulating Action

32. Tuning

33. Completed Project

34. Folding Music Rack

35. Closed Cabinet










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