Replace Plastic Elbows



   -Spinet Elbows -
Deliver the power from the key to the piano action




  Just as Dustin Hoffman in the "Graduate" was made painfully aware, plastics were the future.  After WWII, they were putting plastic everywhere even in places where it never should have ventured - like pianos!
The early plastics were petroleum based and not much thought was given to what happens when the oil dries up. (Kind of like the attitude toward oil today)
As a consequence of the oil evaporating, the plastic components became brittle and crumbled when stressed. The only effective repair is to replace ALL of the plastic parts. All of the parts are of the same age and were all exposed to the same environmental conditions. They will all fail, starting with the notes that are played the most.

If you are one of the "Fortunate Few" that only has plastic elbows, you can have the set replaced for less than the value of most used spinets. If other components are plastic, your most economical choice is another piano.



  1. Components-Drop Sticker,
    Elbow, Center Pin
  2. Disconnecting Drop Stickers from Keys
  3. Keys Removed
  4. Lifting out the Action
  5. Removing Center Pin
  6. Installing New Elbows onto
    Drop Sticker
  7. Installing Center Pins into
    New Elbows
  8. Blowing Dust out of Action
  9. Tighten Hammer Flange Screws
  10. Tighten Damper Flange Screws
  11. Tighten Whippen Flange Screws
  12. Using Twine to aid Action
  13. Other Plastic Components



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