Dancing on a piano is always a crowd pleaser. So is smashing a guitar. The difference between the two is:
     A "Throw-Away" guitar costs about a
       hundred bucks and is owned by the
     A concert grand sells for about
       $90,000.00 and is normally rented.

The big difference, however, is that the performer "Eats" the loss on the guitar but "Skips-Out" rental damages.

So, before you applaud vandalism on stage, consider the "Schmuck" who's stuck with the bill. Clap a little less, and maybe ticket prices will be a little less.



The most important aspect of this type of repair is that there cannot be any movement between the two halves of the cracked piano lid. If there is movement the finish will pop out of the seam. Merely slapping some glue in the crack and hoping for the best is not an effective repair. The splinters and air gaps have to first be removed, then the pieces have to be anchored together to ensure complete rigidity between the lid panels,



  1. Damaged Piano Lid
  2. Rout Out the Crack
  3. Rout the Groove
  4. Shape Splined Shim
  5. Glue and Clamp
  6. Completed Glue Joint
  7. Apply Fiberglass Veneer
  8. Cut Plugs for Stripped Screws
  9. Center Plunge Router jig
  10. Plunge Rout screw holes
  11. Insert Plugs
  12. Plane Lid Surface
  13. Spray Paint Lid
  14. Wet Sand Finish
  15. Completed Project
Cracked_Lid-1(500).jpg Cracked_Lid 2(500).jpg Cracked_Lid 3(500).jpg Cracked_Lid 4(500).jpg Cracked_Lid 5(500).jpg
Cracked_Lid 6(500).jpg Cracked_Lid 7(500).jpg Cracked_Lid 8(500).jpg Cracked_Lid 9(500).jpg Cracked_Lid 10(500).jpg
Cracked_Lid 11(500).jpg Cracked_Lid 12(500).jpg Cracked_Lid 13(500).jpg Cracked_Lid 14(500).jpg Cracked_Lid 15 (500).jpg

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