Repairing Chipped Ivory

  Missing Ivory

A perfect set of ivory Keytops is a beautifull thing.The patinna of fifty year old ivory gives the piano a richness that plastic will never duplicate.What a shame to have a couple of chips ruin the whole effect. If you replace the chipped ivories, you are guaranteed to have a color mismatch, which makes the repair even more prominent than the chips.

Thanks to the miracle of modern densitry there is a solution to this conundrum - Dental Epoxy. The procedure is a little pricey, but as genuine ivory becomes more and more rare, the repair becomes more and more feasible.




  1. Chipped Ivory
  2. Remove Key Front
  3. Attach Stabilizer
  4. Clamp Ivory Support
  5. Apply Etching Solution
  6. Apply Primer
  7. Apply Epoxy
  8. Light Cure Epoxy
  9. Shape Epoxy
  10. Rough Sand Epoxy
  11. Semi-Finished Ivory
  12. Wet-Sand Key Top
  13. Apply nail polish
  14. Buff Piano Key
  15. Completed Key Repair
1_Chipped Ivory.jpg 2_Remove  Front.jpg 3_Glue Stabilizer.jpg 4_Clamp Support.jpg 5_Etching Solution.jpg
6_Apply Primer.jpg 7_Apply Epoxy.jpg 8_Light Cure.jpg 9_Shaping.jpg 10_Sanding.jpg
11_Semi-Finished.jpg 12_Wet sanding ivory.jpg 13_Nail Polish.jpg 14_Buff.jpg 15_Completed .jpg

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