For a piano, a cracked plate (harp) is a fatal injury. The most likely cause for cracking a plate is dropping the piano while moving it. Merely moving it a couple of inches can send it crashing into the floor if a leg has a frozen castor, stripped screws, or cracked locking plate. I've discovered that inserting your foot under the falling instrument will protect both it and the floor from harm, but I don't recommend it if you value your toes.

For all you would-be piano movers, test all three legs before moving it, and assume a leg WILL collapse so you won't get caught off guard if it happens!


Piano Leg Repair
Do's (and a couple of Don'ts)



  1. "Refinisher" whittled too much material
  2. Resurfacing the spade
  3. Exposing the split-out and putty patch
  4. Cutting 3/16 steel plate for ferrules
  5. Fitting plates into welding jig
  6. Ferrule ready for welding
  7. Welding ferrule
  8. Grinding off the slag and excess steel
  9. Filling the gaps with fiber-glass resin
  10. Ready for refinishing

1_Ferrule.jpg 2a_Ferrule.jpg 3_Ferrule.jpg 4_Ferrule.jpg 5_Ferrule.jpg
6_Ferrule.jpg 7_Ferrule.jpg 8_Ferrule.jpg 9_Ferrule.jpg 10_Ferrule.jpg


                                             (Click thumbnails to enlarge)


1_Leg Plate.jpg 2_Leg Plate.jpg 3_Leg Plate.jpg 4_Cracked Leg.jpg
5_Cracked Leg.jpg 6_Cracked Leg.jpg 7_Cracked Leg.jpg 8_Screw plugs.jpg



  1. Removing damaged leg lock plates
  2. Damaged leg locks
  3. Mortise cutting for new leg lock
  4. Making a pattern for a gluing jig
  5. Tracing the jig pattern
  6. Cutting the jig
  7. Using the jig to glue the cracked leg
  8. Using dowels to plug stripped leg screw holes







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