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nce upon a time…
A woman was tired of her piano and knew what to do.
“Place it in the barn.The cows will pay it no never mind.”
“Safe from the rain and snow it will be just fine.


In the loft lived a rodent named Tweaky the mouse
He wasn’t alone. Along side him was a furry spouse.
For both of them, life was pretty bland
when under a tarp was placed a Braumbach grand.

Both packed their bags and moved right in.
They were excited for their new life to begin
The Braumbach grand  became their house.
Not bad "Digs" for Tweaky the mouse!

“What became of the them?” one might have said.
“Why they are all dead…dead, dead, dead!
Dead inside this piano they called a home
Good-bye, fare thee well, and shalom!

Braum1_420X252.jpg Braum2_420X252.jpg Braum3_420X252.jpg Braum4_420X252.jpg

Braum5_420X252.jpg Braum6_420X252.jpg Braum7_420X252.jpg Braum8_420X252.jpg
Braum9_420X252.jpg Braum10_420X252.jpg Braum11_420X252.jpg Braum12_420X252.jpg

Twenty - three years after placed in the barn
A daughter inherited the piano along with the farm.
She sought to rescue it from certain doom
And elevate its status to family heirloom.

“NO!” I said “No Way - No Dice!”
“Oh my God!… “Are those dead mice!”
The finish, strings and felt - it’s a total mess
Let it go, give it up, give it a rest.

I can’t get parts for this action. It’s obsolete
Some of the parts are missing. It’s incomplete
I know it is a shame and it is really sad.
Finished, might still smell really, really …really bad!

Maybe, if I jack up my price, maybe then
To this madness I’d put an end
“This piano has possibilities” She kept believin'
If only she would stop and listen to reason.  

Even the money was not enough to convince,
I'm stuck transforming a “Dead Toad” into a “Prince”
With gloves, Lysol, respirator and “Haz Mat” suit
Cleaned, scraped and cursed to the end of my  pursuit

Now that the job is done, done, done!
A “Shining Prince” it has become
I can look back and laugh at all that stuff
“Know what?” I wasn’t paid NEARLY ENOUGH!!


Braum13_420X280.jpg Braum14_420X280.jpg Braum15_420X280.jpg Braum16_420X280.jpg




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