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A cracked piano lid is NOT an easy fix!

Smashing a guitar.on stage is always a crowd pleaser....
So is Dancing on a piano....

The difference between the two is:
A "Throw-Away" guitar costs about a hundred bucks and
a concert grand sells for about $100,000.00.

However, the biggest difference, between the two "Cheap Tricks "
is: the performer" Eats" the guitar loss but "Skips-Out"
on piano rental damages.

So, before you applaud vandalism on stage, consider the "Schmuck"
who's stuck with the repair bill. Clap a little less, and maybe
ticket prices will be a little less.

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Cracked Lid
Cracked Piano Lid & Stripped Screws
2 / 14
Routing cracked lid
Rout out the Crack
3 / 14
Rout the groove
Rout the Groove
4 / 14
Shape the spling
Shape the Spline
5 / 14
Glue the lid
Glue & Clamp the Lid
6 / 14
Completed glue joint
Completed Glue Joint
7 / 14
Apply fiberglass veneer
Apply Fiberglass veneer
8 / 14
Cut plugs for stripped screws
Cut Plugs for Stripped Screws
9 / 14
Plunge rout srew holes
Plunge Rout the Screw Holes
10 / 14
Insert plugs
Insert Plugs
11 / 14
Plane the lid surface
Plane the Lid Surface
12 / 14
Spray paint the lid
Spray Paint the Piano Lid
13 / 14
Wet sand and buff the finish
Wet Sand & Buff the Finish
14 / 14
Completed piano lid project
Completed Project

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